Raiding is a team activity and our goal as a guild is to make progress together. Gathering personal loot and ticking off personal achievements are not our principal objectives (although these are often nice side effects!). We are there to work for each other and it's important that everybody comes fully prepared and ready to give it their best.

  • Every member who agrees to follow our raiding principles will get an opportunity to raid. There is no "elite" tier of raiders & when circumstances demand we operate a fair & open rotation policy.
  • You must arrive on time & fully prepared. This covers gems, enchants & consumables (for further details see below). You must familiarise yourself with the tactics and assignments for the evening prior to joining the raid.
  • Every member has one character (class & specialisation) that is considered their "main character" for raiding purposes and they are expected to make developing this character their main focus in the game. Normally guild raids are only open to "main characters" however in cases where "alternate characters" are permitted this will be made clear when signing up. You may only sign up with "alternate characters" that you are suitably proficient at playing.
  • Loot is distributed using the personal loot system. Any unwanted items that are tradeable should be linked in chat for other raid members to roll on. Priority for loot is given main spec > off spec > alt. 
  • We strive for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in our raids. We encourage tactical input & open discussion on our voice channel between encounters but ask that members keep it clear for the raid leader to use once the ready check has been initiated.


Voice comms, addons & internet reliability

You must join our Discord channel during raids. This is the primary means by which the raid leader communicates tweaks to tactics & assignments. We recommend you install the Discord client as based on past experience this will provide a more reliable & higher quality connection.

As a minimum, all raiders are expected to install Deadly Boss Mods and ensure they have the latest up to date version. Although we do not mandate any other addons we do recommend that you "shop around" and speak to other guild members for their recommendations and advice on what they use.  Even though you may be a perfectly competent player using only the default is highly likely that a smart selection of addons would help you improve your performance.

Sadly we all have those days where our internet service provider lets us down. Although not your fault, it is generally better for the viability of the raid if you let the raid leader know in advance and sit it out until your connection has stabilised.


Gems, enchants & consumables 

Type Requirement
  • Flask of ten thousand scars
  • Flask of the countless armies
  • Flask of the whispered pact
  • Flask of the seventh demon
  • Ancient mana potion/leytorrent potion
  • Legion dps potion (old war, deadly grace or prolonged power)
  • Unbending potion
  • Bring a stack of defiled augment runes and be ready to use if the raid leader calls for it
  • +375 secondary stat food
  • Ring: +200 secondary stats
  • Back: +200 primary stats
  • Neck: Appropriate Legion neck enchant
  • +150 secondary stat gem